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School Games 2017

This sunny Sunday saw Robert Wilkinson take part in the North Yorkshire School games at Queen Margaret’s School. Robert Wilkinson were well represented with three teams at the competition: Year 3/4 tennis, year 3/4 Tri golf and year 5/6 tennis.
The day started with a fantastic opening ceremony, led by former Olympic swimmer Chris Cook. All pupils were provided with their own shirt to compete in, and to show they were representing the York district. After this we started the competitions.
Year 3/4 tennis saw Robert Wilkinson come up against some tough competition. The four competitors showed that they had been putting in hard work coming in to the tournament, with all demonstrating good overarm serves, and fantastic rallying. The competition saw them playing against three other schools from across North Yorkshire. After the group games were finished Robert Wilkinson finished third, which didn’t see us progress to the next round. Despite this, all pupils and teachers had a great day, and Mr Clark was particularly impressed with the resilience shown in game three after a tough opening two games.
Meanwhile in the Tri golf competition year 3/4 were taking part in a highly competitive tournament. Robert Wilkinson had a rest for the first station, and used this to their advantage to judge how to approach the remaining 10 stations. Once the first activity got started, it was clear that everybody involved with our team had high standards. All players demonstrated the ability to follow the instructions given to them by Mr Dyson, and delivered a high quality display of golf throughout. The team were confident throughout the tournament. Mr Dyson asked for a high quality of chipping throughout the tournament, and all 10 players did just this. After a nervous start to the presentation, Robert Wilkinson were crowned North Yorkshire champions for a fourth year in a row.
Last up the year 5/6 tennis team took to the courts. Robert Wilkinson showed confidence in the group stages after another slow start. They picked up lots of points as a team in a competition that encourages all players to fight for every point. After all the group stage games were complete Robert Wilkinson managed to top their very tight group, which saw the top three teams separated by 9 points. In the semi-finals Robert Wilkinson managed to pull together once again and demonstrate their amazing ability to fight for every point, eventually coming away with a 31-27 victory. In another step up in quality the finals saw four hard fought, close games. Sadly Robert Wilkinson didn’t quite get enough points to win the tournament. This was however another fantastic achievement to receive silver medals and be crowned the second best school for tennis across North Yorkshire for their age group.
A final thank you from the PE team, who thoroughly enjoyed their day. Each pupils attitude and effort throughout the tournament was brilliant and refreshing, from the moment we lined up for the opening ceremony, to the last medal being presented at 5/6 tennis.

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