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What is the Ebor Childcare HUB?

The Ebor Childcare HUB is a group of early years and childcare providers working together in partnership in Strensall and Flaxton. Our Partners include Flaxton Nursery, the Montessori Nursery, Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy, Robert Wilkinson Preschool, Stepping Stones Nursery, and local child-minders. The aim of a Hub is to bring together different providers of early years education and childcare for children aged 0-11 in a local area. The HUB us a great way of signposting parents to what childcare is available within their local community.

The Childcare HUB project is being funded by the Department of Education (DfE) and coordinated by the national charity 4Children. The Ebor Childcare HUB is one of six HUBS chosen to pilot the project by the government to bring together high quality day care providers and child minders to develop a sustainable partnership model for a more flexible and responsive childcare offer locally.


The Ebor Childcare HUB aims to:

  1. Aim to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the Early Years.
  2. Raise awareness of local childcare providers with availability for 2 year olds within Strensall and Flaxton.
  3. Raise awareness of out of hours child care that is available across the different settings in the local area. For example, the breakfast club and the after school club at Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy.
  4. Inform parents about the wide choice and availability of different child-minding facilities in their area.


One of the greatest benefits of being a HUB is the fact that Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy has close working links with all the nurseries and childcare providers in the local area; allowing us to share best practice and take park in joint training initiatives. All of this helps to build a stronger foundation for local children during their early years.