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Pupil Wellbeing & Citizenship

We take pride and great care in our approaches to pupil wellbeing across the school.  

Wellbeing is at the heart of our 3 school aims for children to:

  • Succeed and Enjoy
  • Have Healthy Minds and Bodies
  • Consider And Respect Everyone. (Our CARE Code)


We encourage our pupils to be respectful to everyone, share concerns through daily check-ins, support each other and be part of the class and school teams.

As part of its ethos and values, Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy promotes the restorative practice and develops the key skills and characteristics of Problem solving, Collaboration, Independent Learning, Confidence, Enthusiasm, Curiosity and Resilience. They are incorporated into assemblies, celebrations and day to day life.

Elements of growth mindset have been incorporated into classroom practice to help foster a feeling that ‘everyone can get there’ and for us to achieve, hard work is the key.

In addition, the ‘Great British Values’ of democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect and the rule of law, form the basis for many other foci in the school year.