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Ebor Academy Trust is the admission authority for the school. We are an academy school and cater for pupils between the ages of 3-11. The school’s admission authority sets the admission policy every year and works with the Local Authority’s Admissions Unit who coordinate places at all schools in the local authority. 

We hold an open evening each Autumn term for parents of children due to start school the following September. Our open evening this year is Wednesday 15th November 5-6pm
Parents are very welcome to look round our school at any time of the year. Please contact the school office to make an appointment.

In-Year Admissions

Ebor Academy Trust participates in the Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for in-year admissions. If parents/carers wish to apply for a school place, applications can be made at https://www.york.gov.uk/SchoolAdmissions via the ParentPortal. The Local Authority will confirm the outcome of the application in writing within 15 school days.  If the application is refused, the Local Authority will advise on the statutory appeal procedure.  Details of the Co-ordinated Admission Scheme and how in-year applications are managed are available at https://www.york.gov.uk/SchoolAdmissions. “

Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy Published Admissions Number (PAN) is 75 from SEP 2023 



Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy follows the City of York Council co-ordinated admissions procedures for Reception entry and applying for an ‘in-year’ school place. To apply for a school place please apply on line at www.york.gov.uk/schooladmissions or contact School Services on 01904 551554, education@york.gov.uk or City of York Council School Services, West Offices, Stations Rise, York YO1 6GA.

Robert Wilkinson Catchment Map

Please click here for a large scale map

Children with an ‘Education, Health and Care’ plan

If your child has an ‘Education, Health and Care Plan’ (or statement) of special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), there is a separate admissions process – see Our Local Offer for SEND for details.

The Ebor Admissions Policy

Please follow the link below to view our Admissions Policy. 


You can also find more documents on the LA website at www.york.gov.uk/admissionsconsultation.

Robert Wilkinson Admissions Arrangements 2023-2024:

Admission Arrangements 2023-24 entry

Our published admission number for Reception is 75 pupils.

Robert Wilkinson Admissions Arrangements 2024-2025:

Admission Arrangements 2024- 2025 entry

Our published admission number for Reception is 75 pupils.

In-Year Admissions Policy, City of York Schools’ (2024-25).docx

Admissions Policy, City of York Schools’ (2024-25).docx


Application timetable (September 2024 start) Date
Applications Open 12 September 2023
Deadline date for application 15 January 2024
National Offer Day – notification will come from the Local Authority 16 April 2024
Deadline for return of forms, if appealing 17 May 2024
Appeals planned to start 1 June 2024*
Appeals planned to finish 16 July 2024*

*Subject to panel members availability.

The appeal papers to be completed and returned to appealsclerksadmin@york.gov.uk. The Appeal Clerks will then coordinate an independent appeal hearing and keep you updated on the process.


Robert Wilkinson Admissions Arrangements 2025-2026:

Admission Arrangements 2025- 2026 entry

Our published admission number for Reception is 75 pupils.

Ebor Academy Trust York Schools Admissions Policy 2025-26 .docx

Ebor Academy Trust York Schools In-Year Admissions Policy 2025-26.docx


Catchment map


How to apply for a place at the school

If you are applying for a reception place, all applications are made in advance to your “home” local authority who empties your bins. If this is York, go to https://www.york.gov.uk/guide-parents-1/apply-school-place

The LA website is a composite prospectus for all York schools and includes information about:

  • all of the steps you need to go through to make an application
  • the key dates
  • an explanation about how places are offered if there are more applications than spaces (oversubscribed)
  • the online application portal – apply online and you’ll be sent your offer by email
  • a summary of each school’s individual admission policy criteria
  • Information about applying under a specific admission criteria (such as your child being previously looked after). It is really important to ensure you submit all supporting evidence by the deadline to show you meet any such criteria.


For help with your application, contact York admissions on:

Telephone: 01904 551554

Email: education@york.gov.uk

We recommend choosing at least 3 schools to give your child the best chance of getting a place at a school you prefer.

If you live outside York and want your child to go to a school in York, you must apply to your own local authority and they will inform us of your request.

Going to a school’s nursery does not guarantee your child a place at our school. 

Late applications may be considered after those submitted by the deadline, often when there are no places available so it is important that you apply on-time. 

In-Year Admissions

If your child is moving schools either during the school year or for the start of a new school year, then you will need to make an in-year application using the Local Authority’s Co-ordinated Admission Scheme for in-year admissions. Applications to start our school in-year should be made no earlier than one term before the place is required, and it is recommended that you apply no later than a period of twenty school days, that is four weeks in term time, before you wish for the place to be available for your child.The Local Authority will confirm the outcome of the application in writing within 15 school days. If the application is refused, the Local Authority will advise on the statutory appeal procedure. 

For more information on applying for a primary school place, please follow the link to the City of York LA website.



Please apply now for Nursery places.

Morning sessions are Monday – Friday from 8.30 – 11:30. Lunch is 11.30-12noon. Afternoon sessions are from 12noon until 3pm

You can purchase a hot dinner for your child if they stay over lunchtime or a packed lunch may be brought into school.

To qualify for 15 hours free provision per week your child can start Nursery in the term following their third birthday. Terms start in September, January and April.

We accept the Government ’30 hour code’ for an additional free (up to) 15 hours provision. More detail can be found here https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/ or by phoning HMRC Customer Care on 0300 123 4097

Please call us on 01904 806414  or email preschool.rws@ebor.academy if you would like more information and to come for a visit.

A Nursery Application form can be collected from the School Office.

Whilst we will endeavour to accommodate your  requirement please note that we cannot guarantee to be able to meet all requests for sessions.


The new Code of Practice can be seen at https://www.gov.uk/

All Admission Authorities must comply with the Code.

If you require a paper copy of any document, you can request this from education@york.gov.uk or 01904 551554.