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Our Pool

The swimming pool at Robert Wilkinson Academy was opened in October 1996. We are one of the few schools to have it’s own swimming pool facility on site.The aim of the swimming class is to teach children a variety of water skills, including pool safety and swimming strokes, and for them to gain confidence in a safe and comfortable environment.All the teaching of the children is within the guidelines of ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). At the start of the year, classes are divided into groups, according to ability, with emphasis on improvement throughout.

Our Coaches – How often will my child swim?
Heather Feetenby (F.I.O.S) teaches Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2 on a weekly basis. Year 3 and 4 swim with Heather, alternating each term.
Adam Dyson teaches years 5 and 6, alternating each term.

Our Award Scheme
Each child is encouraged to achieve skills and distance swimming, according to ASA recommendations.A badge system is in place to encourage the children to strive to achieve. Early Years follow the ASA Ducklings Award scheme, which is a scheme that encourages water confidence and leads to swimming in the distance award scheme. Years 1,2,3, and 4 follow the Water Skills award and distance scheme. As the children progress through the swimming schemes, they are encouraged to become competitive, using correct stroke work, with an aim to take part in small competitive swim meets.

Successful Swimmers
Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy has been very successful in producing swimmers that have achieved good results in regional galas. Swimming at Robert Wilkinson Academy is seen as a means, to encourage fitness, dedication, and determination, and ultimately, an insight into producing future swimming champions.

The timetable for swimming is set by the school, and is subject to change, according to the school timetable.