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Forest School is a fun way of exploring and experiencing the environment through child initiated or child-directed learning.

Forest School allows learning through play and in settings not always previously experienced. There are opportunities to take risks and learn new skills.

Enthusiasm and dedication of the staff encourage children to use their imagination and to have a sense of awe and wonder of the natural world and to be proud of trying new things.

The children are encouraged to investigate & explore but also to respect all living things. Children learn best from first-hand experiences. Exploring, playing and learning using a range of activities (both designed by the leader and instigated by the children themselves) is what forest schools are all about. Building a sense of independence, high self-esteem and teamwork are important parts of forest school, but health and safety considerations are always of paramount importance.

Forest School has been running successfully for several years at Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy. It is led by teacher Miss Blackley.

Forest School Uniform

Our Forest School uniform can be found here