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Sports Clubs

At Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy we aim to offer every child in the school high-quality opportunities in a fun and safe environment. Throughout the year after school clubs are provided, giving parents the chance to sign up their child to take part. Clubs are provided for Years 1 through to 6 throughout the school calendar. As well as running regular after-school clubs, our school prides itself on providing coaching and competitive opportunities in a variety of sports.

All our teams get the chance to compete at a local level. In recent years we have had pupils competing at county and national levels.

We currently have teams that have competed this year in:

  • swimming
  • football
  • tag rugby
  • golf
  • cross country
  • athletics
  • netball
  • tennis
  • hockey


At Robert Wilkinson we work closely with the York School Sports Partnership Network to hire in external specialist coaches, who we feel would benefit our school sports programme. These coaches provide lunch clubs, in-house PE and after-school clubs.

Some of the coaches provide sports, that our children may not usually get the opportunity to try such as
volleyball and fencing which get excellent feedback from pupils and parents. In the near future, to sustain the longevity of our physical education programme and external sports, We will continue to provide these opportunities and look to provide more and more each school year. The extracurricular club timetable is subject to change throughout the academic year.

Sports Provisions at our Academy

PE at RWPA has evolved over the years and it is our mission to keep growing this subject even further. We want to provide as many opportunities for our pupils as possible so that they leave RWPA physically literate and have a life-long desire to take part in sport and keep healthy.

PE is offered to pupils in EYFS through to Year 6. We offer multiple extra-curricular clubs throughout the year, targeting Key Stage 1 & 2 in a range of activities. As well as having our PE coaches, we also seek PE provision from external providers within the local community. With so much participation and enthusiasm for the sport, we also enter as many competitions as possible, allowing children to take their sporting passion to the next level. We do this through buying into the York School Sports Partnership Network. All club info will be sent out through ParentHub.

Swimming is one of the few subjects which can one day save your life. All of our pupils swim regularly from year 2 through to Year 6. We have a very high percentage of pupils that leave us water confident and meeting the National Curriculum requirements by the end of their primary journey.

We like to think that staff have a passion for teaching PE and regular CPD opportunities are available and offered to staff. We have a full-time sports coach and an Apprentice Sports Coach who deliver PE and promote the benefits to pupils on a daily basis. This allows the pupils to benefit from specialist lessons and also for them to share good practice with staff. We have found that this also gives more pupils the chance to train for and enter competitions. In addition to our full-time coach, we have a passionate subject leader and staff team who value the opportunities that sport and PE participation can provide.

With the Sports Premium funding available from the government, Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy sees this as an opportunity to build upon and create a legacy for ALL of its pupils. We continue to spend this money in a way which benefits all pupils and staff, not just now, but also in the future. We want to create the capacity to offer a sustainable programme of the sport. Watch this space!

For any more information regarding PE at RWPA, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office or our PE lead; Miss Duffill.

A healthy and active child is more like to become a healthy and active adult.


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