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Ipad Apps


Below are just a few iPad apps that might be useful to use with your children. Please read the information given with the app before purchasing zany of these to ensure they are suitable for your child’s ability.

Word Games

Shaker HD – Touch the letters to spell words ( Free)

Boggle – same as the actual game (£1.99)

Wooords – drag letters into position to spell words – the key letter has to appear in all words (£1.49)

Hangman (69p)

ABC Expedition  – alphabet learning app. (Free)

Singing Alphabet – Helps children to learn the phonetic sounds using music. (69p)

Opposities  – match opposites (£1.99)

Grammar Games – steer the planes and get the words into the correct runway according to which part of speech (69p)

Things that go together – match the pictures that are semantically linked (free)



Fine Motor Skills

Doodle Buddy – allows you to paint, draw, scribble and sketch. (Free)

Slide and Spin – Helps develop fine motor skills (69p)

Kid Art – Drawing app that allows children to stamp and save their work. (69p)

Doodlecast for kids – A drawing app with prompts to help children create artwork. (£1.49)



Loopy Tunes – Allows children to loop samples and create their own tunes.(£1.49)

Little Fox Music Box – A sing a long song box with more than 100 interactive elements. (£1.99)



Rover – An educational browser designed for children. (Free)

Lost Numbers – look for hidden numbers in pictures (69p)



Shopkeeper+ Maths – encourages children to count objects and add numbers. (69p)

Telling Time – Listen to the time and touch the clock that matches (69p)

Math Bingo – complete a line of calculations to win ‘bugs’ (69p)

Numberline Frog – addition using a number line (69p)

Maths Martians – Complete calculations including doubling (£1.49)

Math Tap and learn – Computation Game – includes negative numbers. (69p)

Rocket Math (69p) – practice maths to earn money to build a rocket (69p)

Monkey Maths – assortment of early maths games (69p)

Ghostblasters – blast ghosts to show multiples of numbers (69p)

Maths Memory – pairs game involving number bonds