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Odd Socks to support Anti-Bullying week

Posted On 15 Nov 2021
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Odd Socks to support Anti-Bullying week

As you know this year we held Odd Socks Day. It was a chance for us to celebrate Anti-Bullying Week in a positive way by asking everyone to wear odd socks to school.  As a school we feel that behaviour is strong and our restorative ethos helps us deal with all aspects of behaviour using our behaviour expectations chart. All unacceptable behaviour has consequences and the situation and its outcomes  are shared with parents.

As a school we are keen to ensure that bullying doesn’t happen, but if it does it is dealt with swiftly and effectively. During regular pupil voice surveys or discussions we look at how we deal with situations where children may use the word bullying or feel as though they have been bullied. We work hard with the children to make sure that they understand one unkind action or physical act does not mean that that person is bullying them. However they do need to understand that it will still be dealt with as wobbly behaviour or if more extreme unacceptable.

Along with the Anti-Bullying Alliance we  define bullying as repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Put simply this means any situation where your child is being deliberately and repeatedly hurt by other people and they find it hard to defend themselves. We will work with the children this week to make sure that they understand

  • What bullying is and what it isn’t.
  • What they should do if someone has been unkind or has hurt them
  • What they should do if they feel that they are being bullied
  • What our school will do if someone has been unkind or hurt them
  • What our school will do if they feel they are being bullied

Alongside this we will be discussing the power of how one kind word can make people feel.

As parents you have a strong part to play in our partnership. The link below is an excellent set of resources written for parents by the Anti-Bullying Alliance. We hope you will take the time either now or in the future, to read and use its contents.

A tool for Parents and Carers to support One Kind Word 2021

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