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Monkey Maths

Posted On 09 May 2016
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Each year group has a set of objectives which the pupils need to achieve in order for them to reach the standard required for their age.

During the first term of each year we concentrate on number, place value and calculation. These skills are then built upon throughout the year and consolidated through the teaching of other areas e.g. measurement, fractions, decimals, shape etc. We aim to develop mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills and use ongoing assessment to identify the areas where pupils require further practice in order to become secure. Pupils who demonstrate that they are secure at their age related expectations are challenged by exploring areas of mathematics at ‘greater depth’

Click the link below to download the appropriate Monkey maths poster:
Year 1 Monkey maths poster
Year 2 Monkey maths poster
Year 3 Monkey maths poster
Year 4 Monkey maths poster
Year 5 Monkey maths poster
Year 6 Monkey maths poster

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