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Foreign Languages


How we teach Spanish at Robert Wilkinson

Learning a foreign language is an exciting and enriching part of our curriculum. It broadens children’s horizons, gives them a gateway to other cultures, inspires curiosity in the world, develops communication skills and helps prepare them for life in the global community.

At Robert Wilkinson, we teach language-learning skills with a specific focus on Spanish. The annual exchange with our partner school in Madrid is a highlight of the school year.

Spanish lessons at Robert Wilkinson are taught once a week by specialist teachers from Early Years to Year 6.   


Key Stage 1

Spanish learning begins in the second term of EYFS with a weekly 20-minute session in the hall. We sing songs, play games and experiment with different sounds, words and phrases. In Y1 and 2, children receive a 20-30 minute class based lesson each week.

We focus on speaking and listening skills as well as building confidence, enthusiasm and interest in the Spanish language and culture. Phonics and reading are introduced at the end of Year 2 in preparation for Y3.


Key Stage 2

In years 3-6 children learn the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing and also begin to get to grips with grammar in Spanish in line with National Curriculum requirements.

Our lessons involve songs, raps, games and IT apps on Chromebooks to create engaging and interactive learning opportunities.    

Children’s confidence and skills grow throughout the key stage so that by the time they leave Year 6, they are well prepared to apply their language learning skills in secondary school, whatever the language they study.


Spanish Blogs

2008 marked the first pupil exchange with our partner school in Madrid. Since these early days, we have developed an exciting project, which involves pupils from both schools developing international friendships. Each year our staff and children run a blog to help keep in touch with home and school. To read our Spain blogs, click here