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Our Vision

Our vision is for all children to be able to access an engaging, coherent and challenging journey through maths with the belief that they can achieve an in-depth understanding.

As a school, we are always looking for opportunities to improve your children’s education and as you may know, since the change in National Curriculum in 2014, the expectations and the way that mathematics is being taught in schools has changed drastically. Inspired by a teaching philosophy from Asia, the teaching for mastery approach is being adopted across the country, and here at Robert Wilkinson, we believe that over the longer term, this is the way that mathematics should be taught so that children can apply maths in the wider world as they grow up.

The teaching for mastery approach aims to provide all children with the opportunity to learn the basic foundations of mathematics earlier on in their school lives, and then build on these and gain a deeper understanding of all concepts throughout their academic journey in school. We are currently working towards a long-term goal of implementing and modifying the teaching for mastery approach, undertaking much training and development, in order to deliver an even better education for your children.  

The mathematics lessons and curriculum we provide help and guide our pupils to make sense of the numerical world around them by being fluent in basic number facts, understanding patterns and applying learning to real-life problems.

The skills and concepts are broadly under the headings of Number, Place Value, Addition and Subtraction/Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Measurement, Geometry, Statistics. These are further divided into Fluency of mathematical basics within each section as well as Reasoning and Problem Solving. These are taught following the teaching for mastery approach and CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) framework. This encourages the children to firstly understand mathematics through physical representations before linking this to different visual/pictorial representations and finally to grasp the abstract nature of the numbers or problem that they have encountered.

We endeavour to teach lessons that are stimulating and interesting in addition to keeping a keen eye on the fact that many mental skills need hard work and regular practice. It is amazing the confidence that is gained when our pupils have mastered their number bonds or times tables.

To support learning, we include a variety of IT resources such as: NumberGym (which provides repetitive practice of number bonds), TT Rockstars (a new programme that the school has invested in to promote the importance of times tables in a fun and interactive way) and MyMaths (a programme that school invests in to support the children with home learning by providing them with support and assistance to complete homework tasks).


Useful links

Please find attached a list of helpful website links that promote the learning mentioned above: