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Sport Relief Visit

Posted On 13 Mar 2020
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Sport Relief is a great time to reflect on the value of sport in so many ways. Health, fitness, resilience, fun, learning to win and of course learning to lose just to name a few.

Today, we also think about how we can help others who are not as fortunate as ourselves. Sport Relief raises so much money and our contribution of over £600 will go some way to helping their fabulous causes.

As part of our day we had a visit from the Bishop of Lancashire, who shared with us how God had helped her grow in so many ways. One way, was that he helped that voice, that we all hear in our heads, to keep trying and keep making the right choices even though sometimes things were tough.  This resonated with us all and really tied in with our second visitor of the day, Rich Willis.

Rich was born with the condition of Dwarfism and after 50 or more operations became inspired by his daughter to take up powerlifting.  After much hard work he has won a host of gold medals, awards and world records. 

His story is a fantastically inspirational tale of overcoming challenge, coping with disability and discrimination by using his skills of resilience, hard work and determination.  He also recognised that accepting help from other people is also really important and that it is teamwork too that often helps people to reach their potential.

In addition to a whole school assembly, he also visited Years 1,2 and 4 to meet them more personally.

It was so special to see the joy on Rich’s face each time he held up one of his medals, and then to see our children cheering and clapping so happily and supportively.

A wonderful day!


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